Pedag Metatarsal Support & Cushion Insole

Pedag Metatarsal Support & Cushion Insole

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The soft, drop-shaped metatarsal pad made of fine leather that alleviates issues caused by splayfeet.

If you suffer from a splayfoot, you know how it feels: the balls of your feet burn, your feet get quickly fatigued and your shopping trips may end earlier than expected. Alleviate the symptoms of splayfeet and even prevent them with the soft metatarsal pad pedag DROP.

pedag DROP supports your feet at the most stressed areas, especially assuring the anatomical correct position of the metatarsals. pedag DROP has a smaller surface than pedag T-FORM, thus pedag DROP is acting more punctually. It corrects the latitudinal arch and relieves it. Make your feet feel relaxed inside the shoe – with the self-adhesive metatarsal pad pedag DROP.

Tip: the pad should be situated just behind the toe joints. To find the right position inside the shoe, remove the release liner only a little and place the pad inside the shoe. Then put on the shoes and walk around. If the pad does not feel comfortable, reposition it and try again. Once it feels comfortable, completely remove the release liner so that the pad securely adheres to your shoe.

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