Foot Health

Our Fit Specialists are trained to properly fit shoes per doctor and podiatrist recommendations.  If you have special needs, we are here to help.  Shoes that don't fit will cause pain and can actually damage your feet. Amazingly,  60% of all people are wearing improperly fitting shoes right now.

Come to Gimre's Shoes for a professional fit analysis. Our specially trained Fit Specialists will measure every aspect of your foot, and find you the right size and width from the large selection of widths we offer.  It all adds up to a perfect-fitting pair of shoes.  Your feet will thank you.

Superfeet Insoles
Foot health is important to your well being.  Superfeet insoles help support your feet and align your body. Superfeet insoles are available in low, medium and high profile (arch) and can be used for almost any activity in almost any type of shoe. 

Gimre's Shoes in Hillsboro has the widest selection of Superfeet in the Portland area and our staff is specially trained to fit Superfeet insoles. Now in stock, the GO and ME line of Superfeet insoles. 

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